White label

Do you have your own phone business and want to offer mobile and wifi under your name?

How do we do it?

At holaWifi we know how important it is to take care of your own brand and that's why we help you to expand it. Do you have your own telephone business and want to offer mobile and wifi internet with your name? We make it easy for you with our WHITE BRAND service, which provides you with an internet connection designed to suit your preferences and those of your company.

In addition to the connection offer in urban areas, we have another offer aimed at rural areas, where the competition does not reach, so that your customers can always enjoy the same connection speed for surfing, without restrictions or limits of any kind and for a fixed monthly fee.

WHITE MARK offers you the opportunity to become part of our extensive network of qualified and specialised qualified and specialised installers. You will also have the full support of a team of professionals ready to attend to any of your needs and those of your customers.


At holaWifi we want things to be clear, without small print, that's why we are totally transparent:

  • In the WHITE MARK service, the installation of equipment will always be carried out by the contracting party, never by holaWifi. The same applies to the installation materials and the equipment itself.
  • The contracting party shall also be responsible for organising and executing the customer service and technical service, provided that they are cases that require personal attention and cannot be solved by telephone.
  • Finally, billing will be handled by the contracting party, who will contact the customer directly. holaWifi only bills a fixed monthly amount for each customer and contracted tariff.

Our objective

At holaWifi we are constantly working to expand our extensive network of repeaters and antennas, trying to reach where our competitors do not. Our commitment is to meet the connection needs of all our customers.

We have the necessary technology to offer maximum internet connection speed, and we have the most innovative and latest generation equipment to achieve this. We always try to ensure that our customers' browsing experience is optimal.

All this would be impossible without the team of professionals behind holaWifi who ensure that everything runs smoothly and that customers can turn to them for any queries they may have.

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