At holaWifi we greatly value your loyalty and trust in the internet service we offer you, and that is why we are addressing you to to inform you of a new feature that will benefit your browsing experience.

As you may know, over the last few years there has been an exponential growth in data consumption, mainly due to teleworking, e-learning and streaming of live entertainment (series, movies, etc). Therefore, in line with our commitment to provide you with a fast and stable connection, we have made significant investments in technology to meet your needs; and we are pleased to know that we have achieved this and have done so while maintaining our prices for more than 6 years.

However, the increase in operating costs caused by the increase in the CPI will be reflected in our prices. However, in order to ensure that you continue to receive the best possible service, at holaWifi We are finalising the arrangements for you to receive more speed very soon - more megabytes to boost your connection!

In this wayas of 1 August you will see an upgrade to your tariff that will allow you to enjoy up to 20Mb download for just €14.95 per month. The advantages of this upgrade will benefit you in two ways as, on the one hand, you will enjoy more speed and stability; and on the other hand, it will allow us to continue creating and maintaining our own network to reach where others do not, with a quality service. 

We understand that any change in prices may generate doubts, so we take this opportunity to remind you that our customer service team is at your disposal. holaWifiwhere we will listen to you and resolve any questions you may have. For us, your level of satisfaction with our work is very important, so we will always be happy to find the best solution for you. 

Thank you for allowing us to be your internet company. 

Best regards,